Take a foundational journey &
transform your brand from
the ground up.
Turn your business into a brand.

Hit home with your people

When you’re a brand, it’s not about charging the least. Or shouting the loudest. Or offering the most comprehensive list of services.
It’s about securing the unwavering loyalty of your customers, who wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Elevate and empower

The Artisan Experience will take you on the transformative journey from business to brand.
I’ll empower your brand with an elevated visual identity that reflects who you are and speaks directly to the heart of your best customer.

Forge ahead with confidence.

Take pride in your brand identity.

And own your corner of the market.

What is The Artisan Experience?

The Artisan Experience is my signature package designed for new brands, rebrands, and brand pivots. It’s the best (and only!) way for new clients to work with me. Dial up the offering with extended brand strategy, research, and optional add-ons, or keep it as is.

Here’s how it works in 5 steps:


Intro call

We’ll have a quick meet ‘n’ greet chat. I’ll listen as you tell me all about your business or project.
(I love hearing from ambitious business owners like you!) If we’re a good fit, we’ll get started.

Illustration of a tablet with a zoom call of two women

Brand strategy

This is a 3 hour workshop where we’ll work together to stretch you beyond the status quo and uncover your unique, authentic edge.

Through a series of questions and interactive excersizes we delve into the heart of who you are, who you’re not, who you serve, and how you’re different.

Competitive Research
I work zealously behind the scenes exploring, mining for data, and generally learning everything I can about your industry. I discover your customers’ demographics and psychographics and sharpen my grasp of your market landscape.
* Option for extended research, including
a second workshop and customer interviews.

Illustration of a tablet with a zoom call of three women and a graph

Brand roadmap

Informed by the workshop and research insights, we start mapping out your visual direction. You’ll get 2 deliverables to review, usually on a live call.

0.1 Brand Roadmap
This  high-level research summary PDF acts as your brands guide for all design and  messaging moving forward, it includes:

  • Mission & vision
  • Positioning & USP
  • Brand story
  • Competitive analysis
  • Ideal customer profiles
  • Brand personality
  • Look & feel
  • Messaging & voice
  • Core values
  • Features & benefits

0.2 Stylescape
Like a visual dictionary for your brand, the stylescape — often called a moodboard — helps us translate your positioning into design elements: fonts, colors, images, patterns, and illustrations

Grid of Openshift texts and designs

Visual identity

Time to meet your brand. After sketching and refining and sketching again, I present a single logo concept that hits the bullseye. I walk you through the strategy behind every design decision on a live call.

You’ll get a strategic logo with a premium look and feel that works across different digital and print formats. All packages include these fundamentals:

Primary logo / Secondary logo / Responsive logo / Favicon / Color palette / Brand pattern / Typeface selection / Brand style guide

Grid of Silbo designs and mockups


Present your bespoke brand design to the universe. Now’s also the time for any additional launch assets to help you publicize your new identity and start building community around your brand. I’ll pull together the perfect team of creatives to ensure ideal results.

Finally, enjoy an elevated identity, increased brand recognition, and customer loyalty.

Glass of Martini holded in a woman`s hand

Starts at 5,000 USD | Timeframe:  6-8 weekS

Chaya's work is that of both an artist and a strategist — where concept and craft are equally phenomenal.

My partner and I came in with very solid brand strategy of our own, but Chaya, with her sharp mind and well-honed process, helped us refine, sharpen, and whittle it down further until everything about our positioning was crystal clear. She listened deeply and grasped not only our concept, but the underlying nuances and tones, colors and flavors, and even our personal styles. She translated impossible pairs of opposites into a cohesive visual identity that perfectly encapsulates who we are and what we want to convey.

I would recommend Chaya for any client, but especially a discerning one who is intentional about their business development and values authenticity, alignment, and a meaningful brand identity.

Miriam Shwedel + Orit Wittenberg Co- Founders at Silbo

Optional add-ons

Once we’ve worked together on your branding, I’ll be happy to create the perfect assets to attract and impress your audience at various customer touchpoints. Talk to me about:

Stationery sets



Package and label design

Print and digital ads

Social media graphics

Web design


Keep your brain happy with one-concept design

I’ve eliminated ‘analysis paralysis’ with my one-concept approach. Instead of presenting you with 3 confusing visual directions, I present one and only one concept that’s the result of deep strategy and research.

My process is iterative, meaning we co-create it. Our collaboration at the research stage — including your feedback on the Brand Roadmap and Stylescape — ensures we’re 100% on the same page before moving on to design. So you’re just about guaranteed to love the brand design on the first go.

Brookstone Developers Stylebook on the light brown background

We’re a pixel-perfect fit if you…

Are ambitious and success-driven

Value doing
things right, once

Have high
aesthetic standards

Understand the significance of branding

Are willing to trust and let go

“The process was fun and engaging and helped us bring our vision to life”

We just completed the workshop and thoroughly recommended it! It was so much more than we expected, it was fun and engaging with the right questions asked that really helped us crystallize who our brand is. It was so exciting seeing our vision come to life! We now have a clear perspective on who our brand is and how best to communicate with our customers. If you are thinking of rebranding or launching a new brand this workshop will be super helpful!

C.S & S.M   Co-Founders, Kai+Kelly
C.S & S.M  
Co-Founders, Kai+Kelly

Glad you asked!

Q. Can we skip or cut down on the research? I just need a logo.
Research is the key to the success of your visual identity! I’ve honed my process and narrowed it down to the absolute unskippables for most businesses. That said, if you have already done a good amount of branding work, or your business is smaller and more straight-forward, we can talk about customizing The Artisan Experience for your needs.
Q. Can I book you just for research or creative consultation?
Yes, absolutely. The research process involves a 1- or 2-part Brand Clarity Workshop, market analysis, and optional customer interviews. You’ll get a polished research summary — the Brand Roadmap PDF — that you can use internally or hand over to your own creative team. It will include your:
Mission & vision
Positioning & unique selling proposition
Brand story
Competitive analysis
Ideal customer profile
Q. What if I just need design for a brochure, ad, or other specific asset?
If we’ve already worked together on your brand identity, I’ll gladly design specific followup assets for you. If you’re a new client, The Artisan Experience is the only way for us to work together.
Q. I'm busy. How involved do you need me to be in this process?
Of course I encourage your hands-on involvement at every stage, but we’re all busy — I get it 🙂.
The bare minimum I’ll need you to commit to includes active participation in:
The 2 to 2.5-hour Brand Clarity Workshop
Live deliverable presentation calls
The deliverable review stage
Q. Do you provide copy/content, or will I have to find someone on my own?
‍Nope! I collaborate regularly with a vast network of talented creatives including animators, illustrators, photographers, and copywriters. I’ll be happy to pull a power team together for your launch assets.
Q. Can you work with my existing creative team?
Yes, happily — we’ll hammer out the details on our initial call.
Q. What happens if I'm not happy with the end product?
It’s never happened, and I’m committed to ensuring it never will. Since The Artisan Experience is collaborative in nature, it prevents the disappointment of a big, off-the-mark reveal. But if you somehow are disappointed even after all our joint research, I’ll keep going back to the drawing board relentlessly until we nail it.

The signature Artisan Experience package at a glance

Say all the right things to all the right people — in the blink of an eye.  Includes:

Intro call

3 hour brand strategy workshop

Competitive research

Brand roadmap PDF


Primary logo

Responsive logo + favicon

Color palette

Brand pattern

Font recommedation

Brand style guide

* This is my most popular package, but if it’s not exactly right for you, let’s talk about customizing it to fit your needs.